Squadron 101

The Royal Thai Air Force established the 11th Fighter lead-in Squadron Wing1 using a T-33A jet trainer before the combat ready pilots will be transferred to other fighter squadrons. Afterward the squadron 11 wing 1 changed its name to squadron 101. The Squadron 101 badge incorporate checkerboard which symbolize the squadron’s screening process for the qualified crew.

Air Chief Marshal Boonchu Chandrubeksa (former commander in chief of the Air force) used the bull as his personal symbol because he was born in the year of the ox. It’s also the Chandrubeksa symbol as well. The bull symbolizes valiant, majestic, determination, strength and ability to fight challenges successfully with with their own potential.

In relation to Thai Aviation Academy, which was established in order to create quality pilot that will fly with efficiently. Thai Aviation Academy’s squadron symbol is the combination of the squadron 11’s symbol and the founders’ family symbol. Together with the location of the academy which is Roi Et (101) province.